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Before you sign any surgical consent forms, make sure you are fully informed.

Surgery isn't something to be taken lightly. Even "simple" procedures have risks, and the more complex and invasive the surgery, the more potential risks may occur. As a patient you have a medical right to have your surgery fully and completely explained, and a duty to yourself to be comfortable with the answers.

We know undergoing any surgery is a stressful time, and emotions can overwhelm even the strongest among us. It is all too easy to forget asking critical questions, or to probe into the risks vs. benefits of your operation.

Explain My SurgeryTM is a valuable and indispensable tool both you and your physician can and should be using before you give that final OK. You'll have the peace of mind knowing what exactly lies in store for you, and your physician will know they haven’t forgotten to explain any crucial aspect of your surgical procedure.

Explain My SurgeryTM - assuring you’ll never be left wondering if you’ve made the right decision.


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